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My friend recently said to me, "hey, you have pretty interesting taste in music! what albums do you have?"

So, naturally, I was insanely flattered, because I TOO think that I have awesome tastes (but nobody else ever thinks so).

Anyway, blame her for encouraging my shameless and extensive explanation of the wonders of my album collection. I say 'album', but honestly, these are cds (some of which are burned, how lame). I do not own a functional record player (but I wish I did, that would be so cool!!!).

I pretty much like all the albums on this list. I get rid of the duds I accumulate (AHHH, I HATE WHEN I GET A DUD!).

List that you're likely not at all interested in
in alphabetical order

Alanis Morissette- Jagged Little Pill (1995)
When did I discover this album? 2005 (as an eighth grader)
Who introduced me to this album? My dad. He mentioned off handed one time that he thought I might like this album.
What did/do I find so great about this album? As a kid, people always told me that I was an "outspoken young lady". They were right, I was/am. However, it was not until my youthful encounter with "Jagged Little Pill" that I recognized how cool it is to be strong willed.
Favorite song/track? Track 2: You Oughta Know (since you're too selfish to respect/not-cheat-on me, I'm going to hunt down and torture you until you beg for death)
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? Yeah, pretty much. It is a lot more mainstream than a lot of the weirdo stuff I listen to anymore, but that doesn't really mean much to me. In my eyes, it is a classic. Also, it got me through some pretty strange times (ohh the joys of puberty).

Avril Lavigne- Let Go (2002)
When did I discover this album? 2002 (as a fifth grader)
Who introduced me to this album? the television (VH1, morning music video program).
What did/do I find so great about this album? I remember the first time I ever saw Avril Lavigne. I was watching music videos with my dad. All of a sudden, "Complicated" was on the TV. I was completely in love the second I saw that really cool looking girl on the screen. She wore cool clothes, and she was having lots of fun. lol. Seriously, that was my goofy reasoning... Anyway, I thought Avril was some sort of goddess (come on guys, I was 11. cut me some slack here). I listened to this album OVER and OVER and OVER again. I played my first copy so many times that I killed my shiny, red radio. I listened to it soo much that I rendered the disc unplayable (but also, this had something to do with the fact that I was a little kid and wasn't so good at taking care of my possessions). I did chores and whatever else I could to earn a second copy- This CD meant THAT much to me, :-p
Favorite song/track? Track 8: Anything but Ordinary. As a little girl, I found these lyrics so very deep and profound. The gist of the song is,
"hey, I wanna be weird, because that's who I am!"
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? No, not really. I keep it because it used to mean so much to me. It is an important piece of my life (in an odd way), and I will always remember it. Many of the songs, especially "Skater Boy", sound incredibly ridiculous to me anymore. However, a few of the songs, such as "Losing Grip" and "Mobile" are still pretty good in my opinion.

The Beastie Boys- Licensed to Ill (1986)
When did I discover this album? I never heard it's entirety until I got the album in 2003 (sixth grade), but I grew up hearing the hits on the radio.
Who introduced me to this album? The radio (Q101.1).
What did/do I find so great about this album? I found the Beastie Boys really entertaining. As a little kid, I obviously never understood most of the stuff they were rapping about, but the songs were funny and catchy. They never inspired me really, I just enjoy their music. Rap has really never been a great interest to me. I guess, I liked this rap, because I was sure that these guys were joking. Rappers typically seem like they're bragging (in my opinion). These guys did too, but... I heard their dorky voices, I knew they weren't real life 'players'.
Favorite song/track? Track 9: Paul Revere. My favorite Beastie Boys lyrics ever, "YO, my name is MCA, I've got a license to kill, I think you know what time it is: it's time to get ill" They chose the name of their album wisely. You cannot say those lines without feeling like a bad ass.
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? I guess. I don't take it seriously at all. It is silly, fun time music. It cracks me up, but I acknowledge that it was all well written by talented artists.

The Black Keys- El Camino (2011)
When did I discover this album? 2011 (at age twenty).
Who introduced me to this album? This girl that I could not stand at work. That's weird; I know. It was Sunday (typically the slowest day of the week at our coffee shop). Jessica (this two faced hooker), was playing on her Iphone during the shift. She approached me and said, "hey, have you seen this music video?" I knew the answer would be no, because I am completely out of touch with popular music. Probably because I felt like a completely out-of-touch loser, I acted like I "wasn't sure", and watched the whole vid. The video was "Lonely Boy". It pretty much consists of a hilarious dance routine by a passion, middle aged dude. I thought it was HILARIOUS! His dancing reminded me of my father so much. When I got home, I searched the video. I watched it a dozen or so times. Eventually, the song was stuck in my head. I searched a few more of their songs (the beauty of the internet- now we don't have to invest in duds!). I liked what I heard, so I bought the album.
What did/do I find so great about this album? It isn't REVOLUTIONARY. To be honest, it's somewhat unimaginative. I like it because it is pleasant to listen to. It isn't experimental (at all). Basically, I am just shocked that I like a new album, as pathetic as that might sound.
Favorite song/track? Track 4: Little Black Submarines (Operaaaaaator, please). By far the most interesting song on the album. I love the song's progression. This is the only song on the album that BLEW ME AWAY. Some of the others are good, some of them are just ok.
     side note... This is (by far) more recent of a find than any of the albums reviewed above. My views are more critical because of that. Had I found this album when I was younger, I'm sure I would have been more amazed by it.
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? It is still relatively new to me, but for right now, I'd say that it will probably remain a decent album that I sorta enjoy. I am kind of interested in hearing their previous album, "Brothers", because I've been told that it is better. I'm glad I've heard it, but I wouldn't say I LOVE it.

Ciccone Youth- The Whitey Album (1988)
When did I discover this album? As you will read below (if by the grace of God, you somehow make it that far), I am in love with Sonic Youth. For info about the origins of THAT, read about "Sonic Youth- Daydream Nation". I found this particular album in 2010 (senior year).
Who introduced me to this album? The internet. (I was engine searching Sonic Youth, and came across this odd sounding album). I told my boyfriend how awesome it sounded, and the poor fool gave it to me as a Christmas present.
What did/do I find so great about this album? I LOVEEEE the music video for "MacBeth" When searching this album on You Tube, I came across it, and it just blew me away. It's is just so artistic and meaningful. It expresses a way of thinking that (I feel) needs to be expressed more often. Idk, sometimes, I feel like I'm the only one who really gets it... :-/
Favorite song/track? Track 5: MacBeth. There are other good ones, but this is just my absolute favorite. So Sonic Youth-ie! There are a few, sort of awkward 80's pop-ish mixes on this album. I don't really enjoy all of them. I appreciate that these people are trying something kinda strange out (fusing their "noise rock" with "pop"), but I do not feel that it always works very well. There are a few songs that have less of the pop and more of the noise, and I really enjoy those ones. I feel like Sonic Youth perfected this pop experiment with "Goo". The Whitey Album helped them reach that message.
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? I suppose. It is not their best work, but it is creative and interesting. I appreciate what Sonic Youth is attempting, and they later perfected it. I can respect that (obviously, these guys are my heros- how could I NOT respect that?).

Com Truise- Galactic Melts (2011)
When did I discover this album? 2012. (Honestly, about a week ago, age 20)
Who introduced me to this album? My ex-boyfriend (boyfriend?). Not sure what to call the elusive, yet undeniably attractive male... ANYWAY! He and I were discussing my love for New Order, and he introduced me to this.
What did/do I find so great about this album? Well, it's techno-ie, but not douch-ie and pretentious. I'm into video game music. This isn't heart felt music really. If I want heartfelt, I'll listen to something different. This is pretty much just... interesting, creative, and fun. I like the retro sound. I think it really sucks when people try to modernize techno.
Favorite song/track? Track 5: Flightwave. This song makes me feel like I'm driving through some pixelated universe, far, far away. Or, maybe it isn't really far- it's just low resolution, so I don't recognize it.

Cyndi Lauper- She's So Unusual (1984)
When did I discover this album? 2005 (as an eighth grader).
Who introduced me to this album? My sister really liked Cyndi Lauper when she was my age. For some reason, I used to think my older sister was really cool (Lord knows why). Anyway, I took the album and gave it a try. I really liked what I heard. When my sister saw me listening to the album all the way through, she laughed at me! She said, "Alyssa, that's just pop music! Who the heck listens to ALL the songs?" ...I do. And I love them!
What did/do I find so great about this album? It is a goofy, quirky pop album. Beyond that however, it really is significant. I know that Cyndi Lauper is a pop star, and that her songs weren't really written by her, but i really don't care. Perhaps it's because I was introduced to her songs at such a young age, but I just love her, despite not having a good reason to do so! I love her sound, her voice is so odd (at times, a bit annoying, but unique). Obviously, her appearance is freaking awesome. I'm well aware that she is (at least to some extent), a packaged pop star, but I still love this silly little album.
Favorite song/track? Track 6: All Through the Night. It's just so fun to sing along to.
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? Yeah, it's a fun one. It makes me so happy. :-p

DEVO- q:Are We Not Men? a:We Are DEVO! (1978)
When did I discover this album? 2004 (as a seventh grader).
Who introduced me to this album? My cool cousin, Mike. At the time, I was pretty much only familiar with pop music. I was young, after all. I told my cousin (who is a musician/artist/whatever he wants to be, he's pretty cool) that I really liked weird rock music, and that I liked funny songs. He burned me quite a few albums that day, one of them was this one. This was the second of them that really I enjoyed.
What did/do I find so great about this album? It's awesome! Definitely weird and funny- Mike made the perfect selection for this weird middle schooler. Odd sound effects, goofy outfits, robotic emotions (seriously, what the heck are these guys?)
Favorite song/track? Track 5: Mongoloid (an assembly line of mindless human machines)
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? Definitely! It's risky and weird, but really, very successful. Successful in what way? Hmm, well... being noteworthy, politically/socially aware, yet still fun. That is no simple feat.

Evanescence- Fallen (2003)
When did I discover this album? 2003 (as a sixth grader).
Who introduced me to this album? This older girl from Sunday School, Brittany. She was really cool (in my juvenile opinion). I thought of her as "a rock-and-roll-er" (that's seriously how I described her to my dad). Anyway, Brittany liked them (was obsessed with them), so I gave them a shot. I never got rid of the album, so I guess I didn't hate it (however I am really not into that whole "gothic rock" thing. I think it's boring.
What did/do I find so great about this album? That Brittany liked it (just kidding, that's a really lame answer). Well, I enjoy Amy Lee's voice. She sounds creepy. This isn't music that I feel any connection to, but... i don't really know fully. I suppose, at this point, this album just reminds me of my youth. I hear these songs and remember a time when I thought they were really heavy rock. I don't think that was a stupid thing to think though. We base our opinions on our observations. I hadn't observed much musically yet. I will praise this album in at least one sense, even if it's kind of vague. I feel that it is successful. What I mean by that is- even now, when I listen to it, it seems significant. Their goal remains the same, throughout the album's entirety. I feel like the last track ends the album well. Really, that's more than most would expect from a pop-rock group; you gotta give them some credit for that.
Favorite song/track? Not sure. Most of it sounds pretty similar.
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? I didn't love it. I feel indifferent, however I respect it as a good, unique pop-rock album. There really aren't a lot of those.
The Foo Fighters- One by One (2002)
When did I discover this album? 2002 (as a fifth grader).
Who introduced me to this album? My dad. He liked the Foo Fighters, so he got me the CD for my birthday.
What did/do I find so great about this album? This was one of my first acquaintances with rock music (other than that on the radio). I really liked the rock guitar and the yelling. I found it interesting, because to me, this was all new ground. Prior to this, I'd pretty much only listened to pop music (it's what my friends liked. not that I'm a huge follower by nature, but as a kid... you just don't know any better sometimes)
Favorite song/track? Track 8: Lonely as You. I LOVED David Grohl's harmonizing (just wait until I discover Nirvana...) I still love this song.
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? Yeah, I can't help but love it. Some of the songs are boring, but the ones that aren't are pretty darn cool. The Foo Fighters can be hit or miss, at least in my opinion. They have a few REALLY good songs, and a bunch of mediocre ones.

Free Kitten- Nice Ass (1995)
When did I discover this album? I'd read about it briefly while idly web searching Kim Gordon (bassist/singer/cool chick from Sonic Youth) I was interested, since I love her, but not interested enough to pay a lot of money for some random CD online. I happened to see the album at a used CD store, a few months ago. I knew the name rang a bell, so I picked up the jewel case, to get a better look. I saw Kim Gordon, and immediately became entirely too excited about it. Bought the album for a whopping $0.99, and took it home. 2012 (Twenty years old).
What did/do I find so great about this album? It is experimental (that is to be expected). I feel that it is honest, and there are good ideas, but overall, it just isn't executed so well. As a Kim fan, I always enjoy hearing her voice, but sometimes... the music that she is a part of is too much of a project or a concept piece. It is a message about... I'm not sure. It is deluded by how vague and confusing the album is. Disappointing. Basically, I keep it because it's such an oddity.
Favorite song/track? Track 10: The Boasta. Love it! Angry, tough chicks. Should Kim Gordon have been a rapper? It's possible. I never take rap seriously, and I really get into this.
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? Ehh, it isn't a total bust, but I wasn't impressed with it. I expect more from such big names.

Green Day- American Idiot (2004)
When did I discover this album? 2004 (as a seventh grader).
Who introduced me to this album? My coolest cousin, Justin. He is a long time fan of Green Day. He got me into this album before the hype (honestly, I'm not trying to sound all hipstery. I'm more or less sharing it because I don't think that most people remember that this album was not famous AT ALL when it first came out. The CD store didn't even order copies of it. It wasn't until months after it's release that it became huge, little random and completely useless fact). Anyway, my cousin was a diehard fan, so I heard about the album right when it came out. I was a little kid, and it was more or less my first encounter with "punk rock". I was really into the album, I felt like it was really edgy and political. Also, I was just learning about politics, so their lyrics were really relevant and thought provoking to my young way of thinking.
What did/do I find so great about this album? The whole album is one story! How cool is that? I STILL think that's cool. I love St. Jimmy. In my head, he's a little leprechaun man (ignore the part where he commits suicide; i don't want to think about it).
Favorite song/track? Despite the fact that I do consider myself a Christian, Track 2: Jesus of Suburbia. I suppose that this song can be quite easily seen as an anti-religious song. In fact, I'm fairly confident that it might have been intended (at least minimally) as such. Still, I am religious, and I appreciate this song's message. It is about society and, generally, social consciousness. I think this message is VERY important, yet hard to stomach. Also, I love "Dearly Beloved". It's just so stinking catchy!
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? Yeah, I had misplaced the album a while back. I found it at the library and was able to burn it. With older, more cultured ears, I still appreciated the message.

Green Day- Dookie (1994)
When did I discover this album? 2004 (as a seventh grader).
Who introduced me to this album? Justin. When he discovered that I liked American Idiot, he gave me this album. He told me that it was his favorite when he was my age.
What did/do I find so great about this album? It's fun to listen to, the lyrics are very witty. Green Day has some excellent lyrics.
Favorite song/track? Track 11: Coming Clean "I've found out what it takes to be a man, and mom and dad will never understand..." If those aren't the most relevant lyrics to an adolescent mindset, than I don't know what is!
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? You bet! It's a classic. All kids should grow up with such a fantastic album about being young and stupid. It makes youth seem more endearing to those who... well, perhaps do not otherwise find the experience all together a pleasant one.

Green Day- Insomniac (1995)
When did I discover this album? Ehh, 2005-ish. I accumulated all of the Green Day albums over the course of a year. This was one of the last ones I found.
What did/do I find so great about this album? This is a stupid analogy, but it's what I think. This is Dookie's grungy sister. Witty and youthful, but also... kinda pissed off. Love it.
Favorite song/track? Track 1: Armatage Shanks. It is so important to start the album with a good song. Green Day did it right with this one!
Does this album still hold up, as when I first loved it? Yeah, all of Green Day's albums run together in my head. I'm looking at a discography to remember which songs were on which CDs. But generally, yes, all of their songs (with a few exceptions) are still valuable and entertaining in my eyes.

Green Day- Kerplunk! (1992)
When did I discover this album? 2005-ish
What did/do I find so great about this album? It is early Green Day! These songs are even more juvenile than the others! They're cute, I feel like they are very frank; I find that refreshing. I like to hear what the kids think. Even if the "kid" is now like forty years old. :-p
Favorite song/track? Track 10: No One Knows. I pretty song, but it isn't cheesy. It's difficult to write such a simple slow song and not have it turn out sappy and ridiculous.

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